3 Good Designed Objects

Hairbrush Compact

Product Description:
Travel size popper brush with popper design
Compact folding brush including a mirror

Why I like this product
This compact folding hairbrush with mirror is the perfect item for me.
I can carry this pocket-sized brush wherever I go.
This brush is essential for on-the-go, bad hair days & emergencies and is light-weight and small enough to toss into purses, gym bags and backpacks.

Safety Goggles

Product Description:
Clear safety spectacles with impact resistant polycarbonate lens
High clarity transparent lens
Excellent all round vision and protection for professional, work or home and garden tasks.
For example, medical, lab work, drilling, grinding, woodwork, gardening, painting etc.
Can be used over prescription glasses if required

Why I like this product
At my workplace as a mechanical assembly technician, I have to work with fibre optic cables which involve stripping fibres and cleaving them.

Every day I work with fibre glass which can splinter and crack. If it does, the pieces are often so small that it can get into my skin and I struggle to see it let alone remove it.

So, I need to wear safety googles to protect my eyes when doing a fusion splice. Wearing these safety goggles protects me from any splinters of glass, as well as from the chemicals.

Not just at my workplace though, I always keep a pair of safety goggles on the kitchen counter at home, so I can quickly put them on before chopping onion or frying foods to prevent grease splatters from getting in my eyes. For these reasons, I believe these safety goggles are a well designed item.

Upright Sweep Set

Product Description:
A handy, complete sweeping kit
Easy to hang for tidy storage
Broom handle is complete with a bracket to keep attached to the dustpan
Medium bristles

Why I like this product
I have a wooden floor at home and any dust or food particles are clearly visible on it. Therefore, I always keep a broom handy for quick clean up.

I really liked the upright sweep set because it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. The dustpan teeth comb out dirt and dust from the broom’s soft, feathered bristles, which grab dust and dirt easily. The aluminium broom pole is angled and features a soft, oval-shaped handle for added comfort while sweeping. It’s convenient for me to use at home, and I use it multiple times a day. The broom can be tucked in the dustpan handle and it makes it convenient to store in a small space. Now, I don’t have to worry about losing the broom.

The height of the handles is perfect for me which allows me to conveniently do the sweeping with very minimal effort so I don’t have to bend down as much or use a lot of effort on my arms unlike other brooms with short handles.

It is a good sweep set for everyday use.

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