3 Good Websites

Google Map


I like using google map website and use it almost everyday. It’s very useful, easy to use and navigate. It gives me with a colourful, high contrast map of my current location and it’s very readable.  

At the top, I can easily find the search bar and this lets me input the location by city, town, business or street. I just have to look up my destination in the search bar, once I’ve decided my route, google map gives me an estimated travel time based on whether I am driving, taking public transport, walking or cycling.

The route is coloured to show the current traffic: blue for smooth travelling, yellow for small delays and red for heavy traffic.



BBC website is one of the favourite websites that I like to visit often like google map, interface is easy to navigate around,  BBC keep its navigation at the top of the pages and it’s the first thing the visitors see and it’s the most common and well-understood place for navigation. I can easily search, browse the latest news around the world or locally.



I have been using eBay site for years now, it is an ecommerce website where you can buy almost everything and not just buying, you can sell your own items too.

eBay also protects the use of your payment card through its online transaction services, and has money back guarantees.
And its one of the oldest and most popular online marketplace.

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