Small Business Website – Report

The original version of my Small Business Website – Richardson’s Bakery was created based on the layout that I came up with after researching similar bakeries’ websites and creating mood boards. Here’s the link for the original version. I’ve developed a simple layout using HTML5 & CSS3, and it was fixed-width, not responsive and desktop version. I’ve created the company logo and icon using Adobe Photoshop. All the images I’ve used on my website are all from the and all are royalty free images. At first I thought it would be easy to turn it into a mobile-first later on for the revised version but actually it wasn’t. It took me longer than expected in making the pages responsive and mobile-first version.

Please take a look at the revised version using this link

For the revised version, I have redesigned my website keeping the same layout only a few changes made to it, using HTML5,CSS3,PHP & JavaScript and added some media query breakpoints to make it responsive. 

SEO : Added description meta tags to demonstrate good findability SEO features on all pages.

Responsive: Added a few media queries breakpoints to make the revised website mobile responsive, and for the responsive navigation I’ve used the code created by Prisca.

PHP: Applied some modularity with PHP server-side includes for all the pages i.e. separate smart navigation, header, footer.

UX: Created Error 404.php page for this bakery website following the steps from David’s tutorial .

JavaScript: Added JavaScript function to show whether the bakery is open at a specific time or not.

 Accessibility: Used WAVE – Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool to evaluate the accessibility of my website and there was no errors detected.

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